By Brasil carries out the FIMEC buyer project and already projects USD 11.3 million

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Two days with over 500 business rounds between entrepreneurs from 12 countries and over thirty Brazilian companies. As a result, the estimated generation of USD 11.3 million in business - USD 3 million of immediate sales and USD 8.3 million projected for the next twelve months. This was how it went for Assintecal´s members at the Buyer Project, which adopted the theme of safety shoes this time, held during the 44th Fimec (International Fair for Leather, Chemicals, Components, Machinery and Equipment for Footwear and Tanneries), which came to an end last Thursday, the 12th, in the city of Novo Hamburgo/RS.

The Buyer Project is promoted by By Brasil Components, Machinery and Chemicals, an export incentive action carried out by Associação Brasileira de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos (Assintecal) [Brazilian association of leather, footwear and components] and Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos (Apex-Brasil) [Brazilian export and investment promotion agency], in partnership with Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Máquinas e Equipamentos para os setores do Couro, Calçados e Afins [Brazilian association of industrial machines and equipment for sectors of leather, footwear and alike] (Abrameq). The objective of the project is to bring international buyers to get into contact with suppliers in the area of Brazilian components, enabling new business and partnerships.

For the Mexican buyer Benito Cardona, from the company Probotas Berrendo, the Brazilian materials are of high quality. “We already use Brazilian materials, such as protective toe caps, laminates, counters and adhesives. In my opinion, Brazilian shoe materials are top-of-the-line." The buyer adds that he is also looking for sustainable products in the country. "My commercial experience in Brazil has been very profitable, because Brazil is committed to the environment and to recycling." 

The Russian Oleg Kokorev, from the company Technoavia, seeks various materials and leathers. “We are interested in linings and thermoplastic materials, die cuts, shapes and rubber soles and, also, Brazilian tanneries for leather for our top-of-the-line shoes”.

Ethiopian ambassador, Miheret Gebremedhin Kidane, accompanies the project
Among the countries present were Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Russia, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ethiopia. This is the first time that African countries participated in the Buyer Project, which was attended by Miheret Gebremedhin Kidane, Ethiopian ambassador, and who accompanied the rounds. 

Visiting suppliers
In addition to negotiations within the Business Rounds, international entrepreneurs also visited component and tannery suppliers in Vale dos Sinos and participated in a technical visit to the SENAI model tannery. 
The Buyer Project is one of the great stimulators for Brazilian design to be seen around the world, transforming foreign market movements in the country. Its actions aimed at internationalization, industrial sustainability programs, and design and innovation projects are increasingly encouraging the leather-footwear market along new frontiers. 

Opportunities for those interested in actions with the foreign market
Brazilian manufacturers in the components sector interested in expanding their business relations with the foreign market have the opportunity to participate, as well as 300 other companies, in the By Brasil Components and Chemicals project, carried out by Assintecal, Apex-Brasil, and Abrameq, which intends to promote good export performance and, consequently, of the sector. The project has adequate solutions for each level of internationalization, keeping it within reach of the company’s actions of commercial development, intelligence, qualification, among others. To learn more, the website is . Other information can also be obtained through the e-mail

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