Leather chemicals manufacturers celebrate results achieved at ACLE

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The business volume of the By Brasil project’s participants at the All China Leather Exhibition grew by 54 percent compared to 2016

From August 30 to September 1, the companies SETA, TANAC and Tanquímica participated at the All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) in Shanghai. The participation of the Brazilian companies in the event, known as the largest leather exhibition in the Chinese market, was made possible through the By Brasil Components and Chemicals project - an export-boosting initiative carried out by the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal), in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). 

The volume of business generated during the three days of the event totaled approximately US$ 2,250,000, including on-site deals and business expectations for the next 12 months. This figure accounts for a 54-percent growth compared to last year’s event, when the turnover amounted to US$ 1,460,000. 

Business in China

In search of new business opportunities and a better understanding of the needs and demands of the Chinese leather-footwear sector, Assintecal's Superintendent, Ilse Guimarães, and the association's Market Manager, Rafael Berlitz, visited footwear companies mainly focused on exports, in the cities of Guangzhou and Wenzhou. "We chose Chinese exporting companies because a large part of the sector's production in the country is targeted at the foreign market. However, we’ve realized that the Chinese domestic market has been taking up more and more space and has been gaining prominence in local production, which may mean yet another opportunity for Brazilian components in the Chinese market, as there is a need for differentiated materials”, says Ilse Guimarães.

After the fair, the Brazilian delegation - formed by representatives of Assintecal, CICB and Apex-Brasil - visited the headquarters of the Alibaba group to learn about the B2B platform used by the giant Chinese I.T. group.  Alibaba was born to bring suppliers and distributors closer together and has focused on the goal of connecting small and medium-sized enterprises, because according to Alibaba’s management, these companies are the ones that most need this approach / prospecting. "According to data presented to us by Alibaba’s team, formal B2B trade has been falling by 5 percent a year, while online B2B has been rising by an average of 55 percent. In partnership with Apex, we, along with CICB, were the first Brazilian associations to visit Alibaba, and we hope to be able to use this platform as a mechanism to boost the participation of the Brazilian components sector in the Chinese market”, says Rafael Berlitz.

Opportunity to discuss the future of leather

During the mission to China, Assintecal’s Superintendent, Ilse Guimarães, attended the World Leather Congress (WLC) held in Shanghai on August 29. The theme of the third WLC was "The Leather Revolution: How the Industry will respond”. 

The event recognized the profound changes that have been taking place throughout the leather marketing chain and the changes that are expected to occur over the next 20 years, focusing on how the industry will respond. Each Congress represents an opportunity to remind everyone of the important part the leather industry plays in international business and the enormous steps that the industry has made in demonstrating its technical expertise, its social and environmental responsibility and its sustainability. 

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