Business rounds registration open for international companies interested in brazilian materials

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In its unprecedented digital format edition, from August 25 to 27, one of the main business and market conferences in the Americas takes place. It is INSPIRAMAIS - Latin America´s only Design and Material Innovations for Fashion Exhibit, covering several sectors: footwear, clothing, furniture, automotive, accessories, jewelry and even PET, and gathering information that unifies language and methodology for the entire production chain.  

Among its actions is the Buyer Project, which will receive buyers from all over Latin America, the United States, Asia, Africa and Europe to do business with Fashion Component companies. Promoted by By Brasil Components, Machinery and Chemicals - action to encourage exports carried out by Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian association of leather, footwear and components companies] (Assintecal) and by Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian export and investment promotion agency] (Apex-Brasil).  

Registrations can be made on this link.

100% digital - an experience to leave a mark in the fashion market and technological innovation
The edition of the Buyer Project will maintain the entire structure of projects that mark the over 10 years of INSPIRAMAIS, in this edition, in digital format.  It is worth remembering that INSPIRAMAIS is a great source of references for fashion designers from many countries, receiving participation of professionals and companies from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Italy, France, England and Asian countries and the African continent.

 Mario Hernandez, a buyer from Colombia, who has been coming to Inspiramais for the past five years, says that “Brazilian fashion is for the world, it is a different concept and we see many raw materials, leather, adhesives, buckles, zippers that we buy to take with us to our country”.

Daniel Risafi, from Borcal in Argentina, a safety and military shoe manufacturer. “I work in Argentina and export to Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia. What attracts me in Brazil are the new technologies, an incredible footwear factory”, says the buyer, who has already participated in Inspiramais twice

In this edition, the number of companies registered for the Business Rounds is surprising: there are already over 200 international buyers registered spontaneously to participate in the International Buyer Project, in search of doing business.  

In 2019 there were 800 business meetings, which generated USD 7 million in the long term and around USD 1.5 million immediate business for companies.

Mexican buyer Mèlida Sanchez Bernal, of Better BrandsFootewear, and exclusive distributor of seven brands to Mexico, including U.S. Polo ASSN was at the previous edition. And XOXO Footwear participated for the first time in the Buyer Project, looking for components for footwear, soles and leather. “I was interested in learning about the Brazilian market, buying products to produce in my country. I found more unique products than what I find in my country and what attracted me at Inspiramais was the quality”, says Mèlida.

For Nirav Shah of Metmill Footwer (Lemon&Pepper women's shoes) in India, also participating in Inspiramais, he guaranteed international competitiveness with the products he found. “In the Purchased project from Inspiramais, I find the best of what is being offered, different materials, different innovations, design and quality, factors that make you gain in competitiveness against China, which still has more interesting prices”.

entire sector united to develop the best of Brazilian fashion
INSPIRAMAIS  counts on
promotion of Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Componentes  para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian association of leather, footwear, and component companies) (ASSINTECAL), of Associação Brasileira de Indústria Têxtil e Confecção [Brazilian association of textile and fabrication industires] (ABIT), Centro das Indústrias de Curtumes do Brasil [Brazilian tannery industrial center] (CICB), Associação Brasileira das Indústrias do Mobiliário [Brazilian association of furniture industries] (Abimóvel), support from some of the main sectorial entities in the country, such as ABEST, ABIACAV, Abicalçados, In-Mod, IBGM, Instituto By Brasil (IBB), ABVTEX, Francal, Ápice, Guia Jeans Wear. It is also sponsored by Cipatex, Altero, Bertex, York, Sprint Têxtil, Caimi&Liaison, Brisa; Intexco, Aunde Brasil, Advance Têxtil, Cofrag, Endutex, Colorgraf, Componarte, Branyl, Suntex, Top Shoes Brasil, Soares and Pellenali.

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