Inspiramais: image project registration open for international journalists

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In a digital format, INSPIRAMAIS receives international press and presents its digital format

With registration open, the international press can now participate in INSPIRAMAIS – Latin America´s only Design and Material Innovations for Fashion Exhibit, and a milestone in the history of design identity and methodology building projects for global companies.

To register, just click on the link and fill out the form.

In its unprecedented edition in digital format, INSPIRAMAIS takes place between August 25 and 27, as one of the main fashion and fashion business conferences in the Americas - covering fashion sectors such as footwear, clothing, furniture, automotive, including accessories, jewelery and even PET. Based on the Free Spirit theme, those connected to INSPIRAMAIS will have access to several projects, such as Inspiramais Connection, Leather Preview, + Estampa [print] Project,

The Image project will receive journalists from all over Latin America, the United States, Asia, Africa and Europe in an action promoted by By Brasil Components, Machinery and Chemicals - an export incentive action carried out by Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian association of companies of  leather, footwear and components] (Assintecal) and by Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian export and investment promotion agency] (Apex-Brasil). The idea is to promote and present Brazilian fashion to the international press, which for over 10 years has received international journalists from renowned media groups in the segment to cover the event. This time, registration is open for press from all over the world to be able to check out the Inspiramais Exhibit within the virtual model.


In its last edition, Inspiramais registered over 700 insertions, generating over R$ 1 million in spontaneous media, demonstrating the reach of the Exhibit, both nationally and internationally.

100% digital - experience to leave a mark on the fashion market and technological innovation

Imagine entering a Design and material innovations for fashion exhibit and participate in a tour to meet global references, see hundreds of releases in innovation, technology, sustainability and design, have access to innovative projects, schedule national and international business rounds, in addition to lectures, contact with various companies and receive information that transforms your decisions to be more assertive in the consumer market.


entire sector united to develop the best of Brazilian fashion
INSPIRAMAIS  counts on
promotion of Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Componentes  para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian association of leather, footwear, and components companies) (ASSINTECAL), of Associação Brasileira de Indústria Têxtil e Confecção [Brazilian association of textile and fabrication industires] (ABIT), Centro das Indústrias de Curtumes do Brasil [Brazilian tannery industrial center] (CICB), Associação Brasileira das Indústrias do Mobiliário [Brazilian association of furniture industries] (Abimóvel), support from some of the main sectorial entities in the country, such as ABEST, ABIACAV, Abicalçados, In-Mod, IBGM, Instituto By Brasil (IBB), ABVTEX, Francal, Ápice, Guia Jeans Wear. It is also sponsored by Cipatex, Altero, Bertex, York, Sprint Têxtil, Caimi&Liaison, Brisa; Intexco, Aunde Brasil, Advance Têxtil, Cofrag, Endutex, Colorgraf, Componarte, Branyl, Suntex, Top Shoes Brasil, Soares and Pellenali.

August 25,26 and 27, 2020

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